Jasmin's Fragile Vital Organ

by Dogs Committing Suicide

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Made for a lover. Shared with others.


released September 18, 2012

Thanks to: Rey Menchaca for additional improvised guitar arrangements & Carla Martinez for being so supportive



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Dogs Committing Suicide Austin, Texas

The Suicidal Dog currently resides in Austin, Tx. Born onto thieves and gluttons that declared themselves 'holy,' he has made it his life mission to destroy them through electronic folk songs of love, hatred, injustices, hope, despair, self-loathing, and self-acceptance. These are troubled times for the Dog, so join him in his adventures through depression, anger, and belittlement. Remember, flee. ... more

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Track Name: Two Souls
I see a troubled soul in a home where his days are spent alone.
I hear a crying child. Raised in the wild crying for his mother.
I, I, lover
Track Name: Nicky Zam
I see a troubled soul. In a home where his days are spent alone.
I hear a crying child. Raised in the wild. Crying for his mother.
I, I, love you.
It is difficult when you were born into a cult.
Won't be accepted by my elders but, honestly, i'm feeling better.
Than ever before so lord step aside.
Track Name: Precious Friend/Worthless Pt. 1
Precious Friend:
The world was beautiful when you were here
Now all that beauty has disappeared
All the flowers have withered away
Our world will never be the same

Precious Friend,
Take my hand
I've fallen and I cannot stand
I've fallen and I need someone
Oh, please take my hand

Countless troubles come my way
Maybe someday they will fade away
I had hope when you were here
Now my hope has disappeared

Precious Friend,
End my life
I'm living and I have no cause
I'm living and I need someone
Oh, please end my life

End my life
End my life
Precious Friend, end my life

Worthless Pt. 1

I'm as worthless as a headless leader
I'm as worthless as an over-eater
I can't sing at all and i'm not too tall
I'm as worthless as a virgin cow
I'm worthless because I don't know how
To stand properly or think logically

(rape sounds)
Track Name: Jesus Christ
If I said to you.
"I cried earlier today."
Would you laugh in my face?
Or would you ask me if I'm okay?

I don't really like my parents much.
But can you blame me?
The only words they ever say to me.
Is, "Jesus Christ loves you."

But sometimes I want love from someone.
That can wrap their arms around me.